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Repair card from 1959, signed by Dan Duffy


This is the repair card dating march 14th 1959, signed by Dan Duffy. It was with my former '55 6120 when she went back to the factory.


I can't make out any of the writing. Does it state what the repair was?


It says "straighten neck & put new fret strings tune & polish"


This is too cool for words, but I'll try anyway. In his book, Dan talked a lot about how he'd get complaints about tone and such and the first thing he said was, "Change the strings!." So your 6120 needed a fret job, set-up and Dan signed off on it. Did you just find this? You should make a pic of your old 6120 and keep it with this for posterity.

Oh, and it's really nice to see something new here, as much as I like re-reading DCBirdMan's Matt Umanov interview.


Very cool to have that with your guitar!

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