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Hey first post

i ve a nicely used all orginal 1969 country gent, missing about 50% of it s body binding. I absolutely love her!

SN is 69149


SN 68762 1964 6136 White Falcon.


here is another confusion the guitar has this signature and the nearest one i can match is that of John lennon ALL ADVISE APPRECIATED


Wildrider, I must be missing something. I see no reason to confuse this 6121 with a 70' country roc model. The body shape is wrong, the pickups are wrong, the number of knobs are wrong, the types of knobs are wrong, the tailpiece is wrong for it to be a 70's model. Plus there is no leather, the neck is joined at the 17th fret instead of the 19th, no zero fret, and the serial number says it is from Jan 1990.

Here is a 1989 6121 and a 1975 country roc for comparison:


More country roc photos. Note the number of covers on the back, color of the back, the type of tuners, and the truss rod adjustment is at the base of the neck on the back of the body rather than at the front on the headstock.


made well after john lennon's death,can't see how he could sign it?......:nice:


So, how are instruments added to the serial list these days?

I had thought long ago that someone was monitoring posts, but do we need to PM someone? Baxter?



Hi Scottie, read the op

Baxter said: Send me a PM or Email with your data. Serial number, Pickups, Fret markers, bridge, tail piece, color, and anything unusual. Pictures welcome, and I may ask for more data late.



I'll (re)send it by PM.




Hey Bax, Is it worth renaming this thread to preserve some of the serial numbers acquired here? There are a lot of links in this thread, and I don't know if they all work or not....

I came across this thread while searching for the old threads that related to the 7594B Black Falcons.

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