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SN 31416 1959 Country Gent, modified with 2 block inlays
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SN 81895 1965 2 tone green 6125 Single Anniversary
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SN 41125 1961 Single Anniversary Project Guitar I can not tell what the original color was. If pickgaurd is original (which is doubtful), the original color was sunburst. Hole cut in back of guitar.
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Jack,Here is some pics of my inheritance...SN 27609


The tag on front of neck just simply say Chet Atkins Nasville Model.I'm wondering if it is worth enough to add it seperately to my home owners insurance policy.It will never be for sale.


Step42368, Looks like you have a 1967 6120 Chet Atkins Nashville.

As far as vlaue, dealers seem to be asking $2800 to $4500USD with $3500 being the average.


Yep, what Antikvier said....

A lot of people confuse the later style serial number for early guitars. Had this been a 57 instead of a 67 that price would have tripled.



great , thanks guys...i know it's hard to tell from pictures but does it look to be in pretty good shape? it still sounds great.Also will you add it to the list of SN on the page i saw?


SN 36719 1960 6120 Orange Maple Flame 5 piece neck metal pickup surrounds replaced tuners
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SN 70330 1964 6120
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SN 35848 1960 Beautiful Sunburst Double Anniverary, HiLo Trin pickups
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SN 37107 1960 Eldorado Sunburst Spruce top with Filtertron added
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SN 61106 1963 Clipper Sunburst
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SN 32966 1959 6186 Clipper Sunburst white colored pickup
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I thought this was has been posted before but I do not see it. So just in case:
SN 30922 1959 Chet Atkins 6119 Reddish color? 5 piece neck
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I've got these all logged in my registers. It is going to take some work to get these online. Many of these are duplicates, and it is a little harder to figure that out on the online version of the log. I have to do a "search" for each one. My own registers in not that way, as I add these in right into the middle of where each goes.

I will have to print my log out, and do a quick stare and compare to figure what to add.

The registry has done wonderfull things for the Gretsch community, and this is a testiment to you guys.

SPECIAL THANKS TO KC_EDDIE and ANTIKVIER! You guys ROCK! Glad I have been able to meet you both.



here's one for you Jack
1964 Clipper 6186 - serial 78798, sunburst (like all of them I think)


And another for you Jack

1963 Tennessean Sn 61358 original finish, new open back Grover tuners, TV Jones Filtertron conversion (original pickups safely stashed in case)


SN 15366 1955 6183 Electromatic Corvette Spanish Natural
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SN 78810 1964 Clipper sunburst
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Here's another to add to the list

SN 20080 1956 6121


Another for the list. Here's a 1963 Country Gentleman I was recently fortunate enough to acquire. Serial number 61885 on the headstock plaque, it has full George Harrison features including Grover Imperial tuners, twin Filtertrons, dual flip-up mutes with red felt pads under the knobs and pickguard reading simply "Gretsch".


SN 40001 1961 6124 Sunburst Single Anniversary
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SN 11783 1953 6004 Burl Ives acoustic, neck reset, not the best work at least cosmetically
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