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Joe... some recent Ebay sightings. You may have picked up the Duo Jets from another GDP thread, but just in case here they are...

'55 Duojet #16430...blocks, G-tail, arrow knobs, melita, 2 Dyna's, restoration.

'56 Duojet #19150... blocks, melita, 2 Dyna's, B3

'61 6119 #41526

'6? 6119 #55855... painted f's, V-bigsby, 2 Hilo's


Hi, I'm new to the Forums, but wanted to contribute my info, and maybe clear up my confusion on actual age of my CGent....

Serial #96875 (on back of headstock)
Color - Walnut
Painted F-Holes
"V" Bigsby
SuperTron/Filtron pups I think - (Neck position is dual bar type and Bridge is dual rows of screws)
Dual mute system
Grover "butter-bean" tuners

I believe this to be a late 64/early 65 unit, but any way to nail it down closer would be great!


Nice to have you on the forum. Your guitar is from Sept of 66. In early 65 Gretsch changed to the serial number on the back of the headstock instead of on the nameplate or inside the guitars. The number scheme was to simplify things. First digit is month, second digit is last digit of year. The rest if supposed to be the number of guitar made that month.


Hi JD,
Thanks for the quick reply! So my Gent hit the big 40 this year.
Do you have any recommendations for cleaning vintage guitars like this one? Much of the gold plating has worn, and there is some green tarnish accumulating on the pups and switches. Binding is all intact, although there are some cracks on the tighter radius bends, and of course it is a nice aged color.
As far as I know, this one is all original. I've owned it for 25 years, and know the previous 2 owners, who never changed a thing.
I'll try to post a few pictures as I learn more about how the forum works.


Joe... most of these are recent examples off the Bay, one or two from other sources:

Some early one's!

Model 30 - #1819... bound spruce top, maple back/sides, unbound F-holes, 16" wide, 3.5" deep, scroll logo centered vert. on headstock, trapeze, dot markers, non-cutaway, sunburst acoustic (ebay)

Model 35 - #4195... bound top, unbound F-holes, 16" wide, 3.5" deep, trapeze, dot markers, scroll logo centered horiz. across top of headstock, odd red/black sunburst, non-cutaway acoustic (ebay)

New Yorker - #4331... stenciled logo on rounded headstock, non-cutaway acoustic, trapeze, block markers, tortis guard, bound body, unbound F-holes (ebay)

'55 6014 (Corsair) - #12182... non-cutaway, sunburst acoustic archtop, block markers, harp tailpiece, bullet truss cov. (ebay)

'55 6126 (DuoJet tenor) #15611... V-bigsby, space control, 2 Dyna's (4 poles), block markers, bullet truss cov., arrow knobs (ebay)

6128 DuoJet #17749... 2 Dyna's, B3 bigsby, melita, block markers (on-line)

6119 Tenny #51669... 2 Hilo's, V-bigsby

6192 #28514... sunburst, 2 filters, G-tail, space control, neo markers, imperials (ebay)

'64 6119 #67068... 2 Hilo's, painted F-holes with binding, V-bigsby (ebay)

'63 6118 Annie #59593... 2 Hilo's, originally 2 tone green but top is refin'd to Natural, non-orig trapeze tail and black guard (ebay)

'64 6119 #68986... 2 Hilo's, V-bigsby, painted F-holes w/ binding (ebay)

Happy New Year Joe! -- EB.

A last minute addition... another early one!

Model 35 #1166... dot markers, scroll logo centered vert. on headstock, trapeze tail, odd red/black sunburst, unbound F-holes, non-cutaway acoustic (ebay)
What vintage are we talking about on these Joe... late 40's?


SN 29028 1958 6117 sunburst double anni bigsby added
ebay link


SN 41801 1961 6192 sunburst country club. A nice looking guitar
ebay link


What's up with that serial number? I would lean toward the 4th digit being a "1" as opposed to a "0". I guess it wouldn't matter as both would be from the same batch.


Hey Joe... here's a question for you...

This '56 Clipper just showed up on Ebay:
'56 Clipper auction

The S/N# is 20645. When I look at the on-line log it shows #20629 as being a Corvette, and #20655 as being a Silver Jet (Brian Setzer's no less!). As we consider the idea of "batch production", which the logs have clearly validated was the pratice at Gretsch... how do we explain these instances? Less than religious application of S/N# labels? Multiple models being produced simultaneously? Just curious what your opinion is. -- EB.


Eddie, in 56 batches were smaller at times. Also the demand for Corvettes and Clippers were much lower. The two guitars are almost identical and would have been made at the same time. So how does a Jet get into the batch. Well, it probably wasn't. There was probably a batch of guitar from 20601 to 20650 which were holow body studen models. Then a batch of jets 20651 to 20699. I don't have my logs in front of me, but I would guess that is a pretty accurate account of the issue. Notice that Falcons, Penguins and other specialty guitars were also low productions numbers. Hope that helps!


SN 38705 1960 Single Anniversary Two Tone Green Project Guitar
ebay link


Here's my new Anni, I reckon it's a '62 based on serial # 49212 It's been refinished like a White Falcon (I think I'll call it a White Dove in honor of Blowin' in the Wind), it has tortoise shell binding. It has new Grover tuners (open butterbeans), and I'm not sure about the Bigsby bridge. It is vintage, were they ever used on Annies???

As you can see, it has a crack in the pickguard.



Country Gent link

1964-5 6122 Country Gentleman, Serial Number 79978



Hey vishnasun, is that your '55 6120? If so, how 'bout some pix... love to see all that western glory!


Hi, I just inherited a Gretsch.I know nothing about it.My Step Father could really play it though. It looks a type of orange and the serial number is 27609.Can you help me learn what year it is and maybe some more about it?


Jack ,i'm out of town right now but will post pics this weekend. Thanks for a reply.


That 55 6120 is just gorgeous

Do you have the original bridge and Bigsby?


This may be one of the last ones before the switch to the date serial numbers. (At least in the serial number chart)
It is said to be SN 82177, a 1965 Gretsch Chet Atkins Tennessean.

More pictures here

I notice it does have enclosed tuners. I suspect they were replaced.

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