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Mute Installation Instructions


For coming up with parts like this, I hope Reggie feels he has been appreciated.It's hard to believe he did it for a session fee. Reggie's Riffs


Thanks for posting this CharlieM. Reggie has always been one of my favorite session players.


Saw Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham in London a few years ago when they did a two-man tour of the UK and Ireland — absolute magic. There's a very good live album available — Moments From This Theatre — recorded in Dublin. Brilliant songs that really lend themselves to the stripped-down guitar/Wurlitzer treatment.

During the London show, Dan talked quite a bit about the Muscle Shoals players — in particular David Hood, Roger Hawkins and, of course, Reggie Young. IMO some of the stuff that came out of the Fame/Muscle Shoals studios is right up there with the best of any of the other legendary American recording studios, be it Sun, Atlantic, Chess, Stax, wherever.


Love Reggie, his solo on Dusty's "That Old Sweet Roll" is about as close as you can get to perfect, and of course the Elvis stuff is great too.

Speaking of Dan Penn, I finally tracked down a CD copy of "Nobody's Fool," and I'm really loving it. Forgotten genius with an amazing voice!

Reggie played/plays a Strat, right?


I always thought of him as a Tele guy, but I'm not 100% sure.


Ah, Deed, thank you — I always wondered who played the licks on that. Like all the best players he makes it sound oooh so easy!


Hey CharlieM, So, where are the "Mute Installation Instructions"? I'm new at this, so what am I missing? Cheers Gb bg

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