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Monkees guitars at the factory


Hi Dan,

I read in your book that you don't have a high regard for the Monkees, but several of us are fans of the guitars they played. Do you have any recollection or memories of the guitars that were made for the TV show coming through the factory assembly line and your quality control desk?

Do you have any insights you could share as to why Gretsch chose to make a 17" natural finish model 6076 12 string for Mike Nesmith? Why the shark fin inlays on Nesmith's 12 string instead of the neoclassic thumb print inlays?

From the Gretsch guitars shown on the TV series, these would have included a Viking, 6076 12 string, and a red Monkees model for Nesmith, a bass for Peter Tork and a Double Anniversary for Davy Jones.

Thanks again for being here, Dan!


Hey Rich, I don't recall having bashed the M's. On page 65 of my book I have a picture of the M guitar and it say's "I wish I had one ". The guitar has a great sound with those PU's. I did say that every one liked the guitar but they didn't want the M's name on the pickguard, Eventually We sent out plain pickguards with each guitar. As far as the guitars and bass made for them..... We made the samples and they approved them. The office and my self agreed that t he guitars would have Supertron pickups, The Shark tooth PM's Were Jim websters . The M's Mgr. didn't want the Thumb Nail PM's. I can't recall anthing else. Dan Duffy


Don't forget the super rare one of a kind double cut duo jet bass for Davy Jones. Now he's gone, I guess we'll never know what happened to it.


One of those red Monkee gretschs was for sale at Pro Audio in Canberra Australia the last time I was out there. They were asking $3000, and that seemed like a good deal to me even if it was second hand. Havent been there for a couple of months so don't know if it's still there, Ozies aren't tuned up about Gretschs yet so there's probably some good bargains around.


I remember reading that the Monkee Gretsch model guitars were not of the best quality. If that's true, $3000 for the "collectible" aspect would be a little steep.


That's Oz dollars, and to give you a comparison a 5120 is usually $1495 and our dollar is worth more than a $US, so figure that out. So about twice the price, but probably negotiable as it had been there a long time.

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