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Fred (Freddie) Rodriguez, Gretsch QC 1960’s


Fred Rodriguez is mentioned in Dan's book as being a fellow guitarist who Gretsch hired to help QC guitars along with Dan during the guitar boom of the 1960s. What Dan didn't mention is that Fred made an album featuring a flock of Gretsches on the cover. Ed Ball posted the picture of the album a couple years ago and I identified it as being Dan's old buddy.

While I've seen it a couple of times on fleabay the price was always a bit steep. You can see the album cover here and listen to a tune from the album, but I don't think there is any guitar on it (maybe doubling the organ?). I also don't know if he's singing the funky slow mambo either. The liner notes on the back do identify Dan Duffy, so this Freddie Rodriguez is the guy who signed many of the Gretsch OK cards from the 1960's. The liner notes also mention that Fred played guitar for Xavier Cugat.


first off, cool to see dan duffy corner get some action

great info...cover is excellent...hopefully someone will id all guitars

on u-tube track...that's not an organ!! that's a heavily reverbed guitar...little sloppy all around but...hey

good stuff


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