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Filtertron Pole Pieces


Hello all (in particular Dan),

I was wondering what the original thread-size of the Filtertron pole pieces. One site states they were 6/40, while another sizes them up at 6/32.

Where did Gretsch have them made?

Does anyone know the thread-size of the current ones?




Hey Dan, I just read your book. What a great read! I understand from the book that you guys did all of the tooling in house. Did that include the actual pole-pieces themselves? The Gretsch factory also did its own gold-plating, which makes sense.

I particularly loved the parts of the book where you speak so fondly of your favourite guitars over the years. Mine is definitely my 1964 Gretsch Tennessean. What a beauty - the most perfect neck I've ever had the privilege of playing. Fat, but easy. If only mine still had its green card...

I've always loved the Hi-lo trons! They are my favourite pickups - period. I love the story about the Jerry Perito pickups.

Cheers, Darcy


Since nobody has come forward with a definitive answer, I'll make a guess (which, of course may be wrong): Gibson polepiece screws are 5-40, but filtertrons, I believe, are 6-32. 6-40 is a less common size, being a National fine thread. 6-32 are common enough that I'm guessing that they are more likely contenders than the 6-40s.


Look up the patent number on the us patent site, it might give the pole specs there. I've got some loose, just need to measure them for you. Gretsch probably bought the screws from a source.


Patent doesn't specify the screw size for the polepieces! As Setzer says, Grettsch probably bought them from a commercial source, that's why I suggested 6-32--the filister head screws are more commonly found in 6-32 than 6-40, I believe.


To answer your second question about current ones--I believe that for a while, at least, they used M-3 screws, perhaps they've reverted to an imperial size 6 screw in more recent years.


Thanks for the info guys. It's pretty interesting how detailed Gretsch has become in the last five to seven years with regards to nailing the original designs.

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