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Electrotone body wiring


Hello, Well after some time of looking for a LP kind under 200, I found a XV-500, it was 130 plus shipping, the guitar looks amazing, I just made a little set up (truss rod and bridge) and now it looks ready to rock.

the pictures

De Guitarra

De Guitarra
De Guitarra

I am thinking about a split coil, anybody knows how to do that?


A coil split option was offered when I had some PU installed in my ibby, must be like an harness with push pull pots. I did not take it, should have.


"I am thinking about a split coil, anybody knows how to do that?"

This starts with getting into the pickup wiring, usually between the bobbins and backplate, to isolate the coils. You'll probably also need to change the pickup lead to add the extra wire.

You will also need some sort of switch, and many people use push/pull pots for this purpose. Basically you short one coil to ground.

You should be able to find good clues for wiring at pickup manufacturer's sites. For example, you could start here, where there are lots of options: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/

If you never use the tone controls, an unusual option is to give each coil a volume control.

HTH -pk


I have an XV-500 in red. It is a helluva player. I had to do a good setup, but most guitars need it.


Awesome i am checking the Seymur Duncan and it look that they willl work, i think they uses the same colors, that make everything so easy thank you


So should i go for "2 Humbuckers, 2 Volumes, 2 Tones 3 Way Switch, 2 Push/Pulls" or "2 Humbuckers, 2 Volumes, 2 Tones, 3 Way Switch Series/Parallel"


mmm I Think i need a new nut, i don't like the plastic one, but i have no idea about where to buy one, can someone recommend me any nut?

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