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E chord goes flat played at 12th fret


It seems any chord from the 12th fret on up has to be played on the next higher fret for the chord to be in tune. Even though it's in tune all the way up to the 12th fret. 2004 6120 GA in mint condition. Just bought it. Help! Thanks


Check intonation. Harmonic at 12th should match fretted 12th.


Just play single notes that far up the neck.

If you want to play chords that high up the register play the uke!


Maybe check the Bigsby spring, too soft?

Could it be you are pulling flat when depressing tight bar chords?

Break angle?


That’s my thought too - It’s pulling on the Bigsby.


Post a picture of the body of the guitar, taken from directly above the bridge, and showing at least part of the bridge pickup and the front of the Bigsby.

I think the bridge is misplaced, too far rear-ward.


Old strings? Three note chords? Check each individual note. How high is the action?


There's no money anywhere.


Somebody here sometime mentioned intonating at frets 5 and 17 instead of open and 12.


Are harmonics at 12th fret in tune?


Getting a little more detailed - does the GA have a fixed (pinned) bridge? I think all the pointers to intonation are correct - it gets a little tricker if that's a pinned bridge right? What kind of bridge does it have on it now and can you adjust the saddles on it?

Complete aside, I took a guitar to my local shop recently and asked for a setup because I had moved my (fixed) bridge twice and had gotten it so far out of whack that I couldn't get it set up right.

They gave it back to me and the intonation was off on the E, B, and G. I ended up having to move the entire bridge toward the neck - which honestly I thought they would have suggested or done as part of the setup.

Rocking Bar Bridge Intonation


6120GA bridges were not pinned at the factory. (I have one.) Of course, on any given example, a bridge could be pinned (even in the wrong position) afterward.

Without more info from Moedecker about his guitar, though, we’re not going to be able to solve his problem.

I'm having a hard time imagining any intonation-affecting issue that wouldn't affect all the fret positions along the entire neck. Since bridge-induced intonation problem. But short of theorizing that frets 13 - 22 are simply misplaced on the neck (a virtual impossibility), I know of nothing that wouldn't also be evident (if slightly less severe) at the 11th, 10th, 9th, etc.

I asked for a picture because a bridge mis-placement extreme enough to produce a full fret’s worth of wrong note would be dramatically obvious. It’s hard to get a bridge that wrong.

Without more information from Moe, we’re just making words.


Very true, Tim. We're all just throwing stuff at a wall.., Wonder what Moe had for breakfast. An unbalanced meal could throw things way off..


I see Moe found the answers at that other forum, and probably won't come back here. LOL

And yes, we were all correct.


Yay. Glad we showed up.

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