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Can anyone Identify this Gretsch ?


Can anyone Identify this Gretsch please?


It is very nice guitar, sounds superb.


Thanks Mac,

What year would that be ? Can't find a serial number either.

Did they hide them ?




It was produced between 1977 and 1981. Bolt on neck, two humbuckers. Red(7624) or natural(7625) finish. Serial number is on the back of the headstock. first two digits(month), third(year) For example:11-4252 means 252th instrument produced in november 1974.

-- treblebooster

I found this on a separate post. Hopefully your serial number hasnt faded away?


Thanks again. Not a hint of a serial number and it has not been refinished. I just saw another one on here pictured with the bass version and that had no serial # either. Maybe the stamper was on holiday that week....lol


I had a Yamaha guitar with the serial stamped into the clear on the back of the headstock, but it was very faint and could only be read at an angle, maybe try that?


Thanks Fritz, I just tried that. No joy. This guitar is absolutely mint. Like the day it was made. No wear or marks anywhere so I doubt if it has worn off. Maybe the number was just missed off when it was made. Cheers GP


Have you opened it up to look inside the body cavity? Sometimes you'll find all kinds of surprises in there.


It looks to have a distinct Canadian influence. It wasn't produced right around the Stanley Cup was it? Would be a great conversation piece.


That's what's missing! The hockey tape... serial number was probably stamped in the tape.


I had one, sold it to Jeff O(full of Bullshit), that was my first Gretsch, I liked it kinda wished I hadn't sold it. Jeff sold it to a young rascal, who then had it for his first Gretsch.


That sure is a good looking gawd awful ugly Gretsch, if ya know what I mean.


ive always dug those


Now THAT my friends is a truly UGLY guitar.


That hockey stick headstock is the main reason. The body shape is fine.


Now THAT my friends is a truly UGLY guitar.

-- Craig Harvey

I'd still rather been seen with one of these than a PRS or something. !#$@%

Definitely makes me wanna grab my ice skates!


These are the black pages in Gretsch history; ugly, no great gretsch sound and not succes. But someone has to keep history correct, but it won't be me.Buy it as an oddball.


The Green fuzz is AWESOME!


Bridge pickup is slanted the wrong way. You don't make the high strings brighter and the bass strings deeper to achieve balance.

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