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I'm interested in the Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Universal Power Supply, but is every power output switchable to 9V? When I finish putting my pedal board together I don't plan on having any pedals that run on a different voltage. Also, what cables does it come with, as I plan have a few Electroharmonix pedals eventually.


Hi Ben

I have one and I've been extremely happy with it. Expensive but well worth the money. As I understand it each supply is electronically isolated and I have experienced no earth loops or extraneous noises since I started using it.I also noticed that my rig was quieter and sounder clearer.

The main reason I bought one was that (amongst other things) I run a germanium Tonbender fuzz clone with opposite polarity and a T-Rex Room-Mate reverb that needs 12V - neither of which was a problem for the Pedal Power 2.

I believe you can have eight 9v outputs. Outputs five and six can be switched to 12v and outputs seven and eight are adjustable from 4v to 9v if you like that run down battery thing.

Great supply IMHO



Forgot to say it came with loads of hook up cables - mostly the regular variety but as I recall one had a battery clip on the end (for powering up collectable pedals without drilling holes) and another had a mini jack. You can also order a link cable for 18v operation.

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