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For those who don't know, Dan worked in the Gretsch Quality Control Department from 1957 to 1970. Most likely, he signed the OK card on your vintage Gretsch. He's written a collection of stories from those years at Gretsch, and I encourage you to get a copy! He also has a web page where you can learn more about him.
Great book to have in your collection. A must for any die-hard Gretsch fan. Wonderful stories of how it was back in the day.
Definitely worth your time and money as the stories are all pretty entertaining and it is written as if he's having a conversation with you (always a plus).
I recently ordered a copy of Dan's book for my dad. I sure wish Dan would post around here more often.
Definitely something the Gretsch fan should own, it's an outstanding historical resource. I think I've read through it three or four times since I got it. I wish it hadn't been written in all caps, though.
It's definitely on my wish list, but I will have to wait until next month to buy it. New parts for my gretsch's are coming, but I will be buying this book for sure!
I got a copy from Amazon.com after reading about it here. Short read but loaded w/ great info. All here should have a copy.
I just placed my order at Amazon.
That's one book that I will put on my list to get. Lou D:cool:
Great book! Enjoyed Dan's style and his view of Gretsch back in the old day's in Brooklyn. Dan also includes some excellent chord studies which themselves are worth the price of the book . Thanks Dan!
I was looking for the book at Borders and I didn't see it. Will Borders or Barnes & Noble be stocking the book. If not will I have to order it on line. Lou D
I don't think Borders or B&N carry it, but it shouldn't take long for Amazon to get it to you.
I just orderd Dan's book from Amazon I'm looking forward to some good reading. Lou D:cool:
Dan, Is your book available in the UK? I ordered it through Amazon UK around two weeks ago, but I just received an email from them informing me that they could not obtain the book. Yours Drew
Drew, try ordering it through Amazon.com. I'm not sure how much the postage would be on a book, but I just ordered a DVD from them and the postage was only $7 (around £3.50).
Thanks cgs. I will give that a try. Yours Drew
Yes the book is available in the uk through amazon or by trafford.com/05-1734. It could have been held up because I was working on it. I increased it to 167 pages, More gretsch stories(some you heard in my posts) and stories about my 20 years in the guitar string business. I found a way on my computer, to do the Chord section over so it is more legible than it was. I first did it by hand and then scanned it. They told me they had a hard time printing it. Being new to computers it was very hard to figure out how to do it. I have a feature in my computer called paint, I'm sure all of you know this feature. This is how I made the Fret box and the dots for the chord structure.It turned out very good, (I think) Dan Duffy
Thanks Dan, I ordered it today through Trafford publishing. Yours Drew
Just got my copy yesterday from Amazon. Looks like a fascinating read and I'm looking forward to it. As I was skimming it, I checked out the portion with the chord studies, and as someone else said on this thread that by iteself may be worth the price of admission. Thanks a lot for the effort, and all you contribute to this forum, Dan!
DAN DUFFY -- Where has he been all my life? Got my copy of the book yesterday. I'll be reading it more carefully on vacation next week, but it's great! Very simply written - like a human being instead of a college professor- but interesting (for Gretsch people) from the first page. I love his comments about models: "I wish I had one of those," "I wish I had one of those," "I don't want one of those." PLUS, the book has a couple dozen pages of cord charts and exercizes for the learning challenged like me. I found it particularly intersting that he personally laid his hands on the CG and the Tenny in my avatar. Since the 80s (when my OCD started kicking in) I've kept receipts and all the little pieces of paper that came with every guitar and amp I've bought. Wish I would have been doing that back in the 1960s. I'd have Mr. Duffy's autograph. Who'da thunk my path would cross his. Of course, now my goal is to find and meet inspector #7 who is responsibel for checking all my Haines underwear.
I got the last one currently available from Amazon. Man, is the type small! Oh, well, that way there'll be more info packed into it. And you don't want to meet #7. Hairy palms.

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