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Black Filtertron Bezel


Hello all, just wondering if anyone has info on black filtertron bezel's. Apparently they're as rare as Jen's teeth. Any help would be appreciated. ;)


Do you mean vintage ones? Otherwise they're very easy to make. Buy clear ones and spray the backs with Krylon fusion paint after taping off the top.


 photo Img_0002.jpg

 photo 1303309541.jpg

 photo Img_0025.jpg

 photo Img_0026.jpg

 photo Img_0027.jpg

 photo Img_0029.jpg

 photo Img_0023ab.jpg

 photo Img_0020.jpg

Tape and spray! Follow directions on the can. White ones need more coats to insure coverage.


Yea I just paint mine whenever I need one


I threw a black one on my 60 and a white one on my 62.

– Dr. Buddy Mercury

Lookin GOOD

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