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Bigsby B7 Licensed fix


Don't know if this is a common problem, but the Streamliner I picked up recently had a loose pin on the tremolo. I don't know what the correct name for it is. Its the pin that the strings and the arm attach to. By loose I mean the fit between the outside diameter of the pin and the inside of the roller bearings at either end was big enough that it caused a rattle or knock sound whenever I used the arm. Thin strips (.0015 inch) of steel shim stock wrapped around the pin and slipped into the gap between the pin and the bearing solved the problem. I haven't been able to find any other posts anywhere addressing this. This is a simple quality control issue at the manufacturer. Bigsby B7 tremolos are so simple and cool. Shouldn't be any harder or more expensive to just do it right in the first place. Otherwise I absolutely love this guitar. I play it every day.


Is it a brand new guitar? If so, take it back for warranty.


Sounds like an import B7. The sand-cast US models are better IMHO.


Welcome to the GDP (Gretsch Discussion Pages) goom, I'm glad you found us. That's a very innovative solution that you came up with. If it holds, you can just drive on and play it, but if it's a new guitar I'd check into a warranty repair/replacement of the Bigsby itself. If not, or if the repair is a permanent fix and doesn't bother you, play her and enjoy her as is. Good luck either way!


That doesn't sound like a permanent fix; it seems as though it would create uneven wear and cause the Bigsby to stick.

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