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bigsby b3 hinge plate


Hello, this is a long shot but wondering if there are any of those Bigsby b3 undrilled hinge plates around- i know its been years but i don't want to drill into the vintage duo jet because the hole don't align -- Thanks all- I'm new here -Mark


Hi fiskabolla,
I was the one that had those undrilled hinges made. Unfortunately it was too much work for the person making them or they would become much too expensive. So there are no more.

What you could do is order an extra hinge and drill the right holes in that. Then the original hinge is not damaged in case you would want to sell the Bigsby sometime. It will look a bit messy but you hardly see it because normally the strap is covering it.


This Aluminum rod is the right size to fill the holes on the hinge.


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