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Billy, sometime please upload some more photos of your Zoom amps. Thanks and cool thread powerjet!


here's some good pics and info..

dynamite designs…

the cowboy with kahuna trem/vib and baxandall

the little blue killer- el84 powered and multiple LC circuit eq ... (we talked about before!)



I should have made myself clear. I'd like to see more of the half stack, earliest builds Etc. Vintage Zoom


I'll have to dig out and scan some old analog photos. The last time I looked I couldn't even find the box with the photos of most of my 70's amp. It's around somewhere, possibly in the storage loft above the control room of my studio, but that's a dark, cluttered, scary place. I'd have to rig up some serious lighting. Anyway, I'll have a look around and see what I can find. Also, next week is my big exam where they decide how much more chemo if any I still need. If they give me another full round of chemo, I'm not going to be climbing around the loft anythime soon.


I hope you get the news you want to hear next week, Billy. Hang tough and know we're pulling for you.


Thinking of you BZ!!!


I hope you get the news you want to hear next week, Billy. Hang tough and know we're pulling for you.

– Tim Price DBA Precio265

amen brother!

best bz



Hard to find a good photo of the Concert. It was pre-computer era, so most photos are somewhere in a box instead of on a computer drive. It was a 5G12, brown, and it's sitting on a matching brown 4-10" cabinet. The bottom cabinet was actually an optional ext. cab from one of the original Zoom combo amps back when I had my first boutique amp company in the mid-seventies. I still record with that cabinet frequently. Smokey Hormel has the Concert Amp now.

– Billy Zoom

here's a good one and a thumbnail


LOVE that Cowboy Amp Billy


right click this one for a full screen shot, its a good one of Billy with the Zoom halfstack


good luck and fingers crossed no more chemo


Im quite happy with the digital reproduction (line6) amp simulation that's available. I'm going through the blackface Fender option, running through a Marshall 900 25 watt selection through Marshall 4x12. Following the settings you've given in the past. With the Marshall equalized neutral. Do you have any comments about digital amp reproduction? Even in a live application? So grateful to hear your health is on the up and up!


I don't think digital amps should be allowed to reproduce, but it's not up to me.


I was standing next to this amp just a couple years ago in Philly.

You were plugging in for soundcheck while wrapping up an interview we filmed up the street.

When you hit that first chord it pulverized any kidney stones that may have been forming inside me.

Thank you for saving me the pain of passing them.


I want that 1/2 stack...or one like it! Or I'd like to experience it.


That amp requires four semesters of training and a license. It's the loudest 50 watt amp on earth.


Robby Krieger has one of those brown 4x10" concerts. It's on an album cover for the Butts Band.

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