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X show at Chicago City Winery - 6/26/19


It was my first time attending a live show at this venue, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Everything was great, especially the bands. City Winery seems very similar to 'Space' in nearby Evanston, Il. Intimate chill vibe, quality food and drink service, good lighting and sound, excellent view of the stage. .. In almost every respect, the opposite of the average X gig 35 years ago, but a welcome relief. Even Exene commented at one point between songs; "I'm used to being a little nervous seeing so much glassware out there."

Their opener was Folk Uke, a talented and hilarious duo. For not being sisters, Amy & Cathy have a scary blood harmony going. Country/Folk filled with wry dark wit. Great banter between songs. Everybody loved them.

X was in great form. Aside from one brief hiccup getting volume to DJs vibes the sound was well mixed throughout. I realize there are City Winery's in other major cities. I imagine they're all on the same par.

Great way to spend a Wednesday night.


My wife and I caught them in Dallas within the last year, and we both loved the show.

Well worth the price of the tickets and a sitter, and I’d highly recommend to anyone, even if they’re not dedicated fans of the punk rock.


Agreed; well worth the cost. Especially contrasted to the recent Rolling Stones gig over at Soldier Field. $300+ a ticket and you needed binoculars to see? Hard pass.

.. Even though I had a reserved seat I gave myself plenty of time to find parking, metered or otherwise, or if that failed, use the venue's valet service. (another indicator that this wasn't your average 'punk gig')

Oddly, I immediately found a free street spot on Racine, right around the corner from City Winery, also right in front of 3rd Coast Guitar . Chicago area players and patrons of 3rd Coast's services might confirm; even the temporary parking on that block is rarely available.

I felt like I had the wind at my back for the rest of the night.


I’m looking forward to seeing them again this September in Seattle with Squeeze.

When I think of X, it’s not with Billy on a stool.

I worked as a stagehand on one of their shows here back in early 80’s and idolized Billy.

Before setting up his mic, I casually walked by to assess the correct height.

I was crestfallen only to watch him come over and lower it.

But when the show started he adopted that wide, almost spread eagled stance, and remained that way beaming a big smile the entire show.

I still feel like I’m that old today.

Until I see myself in a mirror.

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