Billy Zoom's Jet Set

X Saturday Night At The Mohawk In Austin


Hey Billy,

I you run into a red headed kid about your height, that's my son, Furie. Tell him to stay off the drugs.(Something Phila told him when he was 14 and had long hair, and has been a long running inside joke.)


Let's all pray that nobody gets killed this time.


I will personally confiscate any drugs I catch him with.


He's happily, never gone near them, but thanks.


I'm missing a great show...


I just flew back from Austin with Willie Nelson. Of course, he was in first class and we were in the back, but we still got to visit a little bit. His daughter Amy has been opening for us on the last two tours. She and Arlo Guthrie's daughter Cathy are a duo called Folk Uke. When we saw Willie getting on the plane, our manager immediately called Amy and she called her dad and asked him to be nice to us. He was.
Yes Crowbone, you did miss a great show, and I wasn't too bad either. BZ


BTW, your son's taller than I am. I'm sorry I couldn't talk to him longer, but there were several people bothering me about business stuff after the set and I had to give them priority. He seems like a really good kid.


He was happy to have met you, Billy.

Speaking of missing a great show, are there any plans to bring that show to the east coast? From what I heard about it, it's something not to be missed.


July and August, East coast and Midwest.


Got my tickets. See you there.

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