Billy Zoom's Jet Set

X Grammy Museum exhibition:


The Grammy Museum exhibit will be previewed on Friday, with great fanfare and an X performance. (invitation only)


Xcuse our dust...


Man, the hits just keep on comin'! Good on y'uns.

4 we prepare the new X-ibit.

This is great news. Congratulations, Billy.


Here's a link to the Grammy Museum. Hopefully someone records the concert and posts it. The overview marks the exhibit as ending in March, but the details mark it as ending February 25.


So, persistence actually pays.

To say this is well-earned would be a serious understatement.

Congratulations Billy.


Congratulations to you again, Billy. This is very cool. Grammy Museum Exhibit. City of Los Angeles proclaims a day in your honor. It seems that they like you.


Very cool, congratulations Billy and all.

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