Billy Zoom's Jet Set

X fans, fasten your seatbelts: 4 nights, 4 albums in their entirety


Holy Schnikeys, this is going to be incredible!

  • The Observatory Theatre, Santa Ana, CA
  • Thursday, July 9: Los Angeles
  • Friday, July 10: Wild Gift
  • Saturday, July 11: Under the Big Black Sun
  • Sunday, July 12: More Fun in the New World

4-night passes available.


Classic BZ wit. BTW, I remember you saying something about not being fond of the production of some of those earlier records. I'm curious, are you looking forward to playing the songs you don't play as often, regardless of how they sounded on the albums?

Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing all of it!


Crap! I'm just gonna have to move to Cali for stuff like this or win the lottery and buy a second home out there.


BZ will be smokin for sure. Wish I lived out there.


Wish I was there.... 4-nights 4-albums....and the 6122 Country Gent....


When we do the 4-album shows, I have to use the Silver Jet because I have to play with the amp all distorted to sound like the albums. Of course, an album's only about half an hour. I'll use the other guitar for the rest of the show.


Will anybody be filming for those of us who care and can't be there? I still can't figure out what's going on in "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes" and really want to.


I got my tix! I'd love to tape it, my wife is pretty handy in video production, but I highly doubt anything like that is permitted.


I still can't figure out what's going on in "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"

I know exactly what you mean.

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