Billy Zoom's Jet Set

X at the Roxy!


Saw you guys last night at the Roxy...oh man was it great. i ended up buying the 4 day pass so i will see ya tonite!

i might wear my gretsch shirt too....


Pic's or it didn't happen!


it happened but my camera on my phone is scratched so the pictures would end up looking like band practice at someone's garage


Friday night was even better.. and i scored a set list at the end!!


You should post an Mp3 of that Buick straight eight. They make a wonderful sound.


i can probably borrow my sister's iphone and take a video although i dont have the exhaust set up yet, just straight pipes... and yeah it does make a mean sound!

by the way Saturday nights show was awesome! Theres something to be said when there's a sold out crowd singing along to every song. I was standing right in front of john and caught his "blessing" once in a while but it was worth it! Cant wait till tonite's show


Night 4 was the best!!!

Hey Billy that girl who you were making faces at and ended up giving your pick to is my sister. she was super excited about it and says thanks

thank you so much for playing at the roxy for 4 nights in a row, im glad i could be there for all 4 nights. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!


Your sister's really cute. Go figure.


Looking forward to seeing you at the next NY/NJ/Philly opportunity.

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