Billy Zoom's Jet Set

X and Dodgers beat White Sox 5-4!



Your wave blocked John's camera time!

Blue Spark on the cool was that?

Good to see John deliver the Star Spangled Banner without any vocal gymnastics.


Back in the 70's and 80's ,Who would have thought this would ever happen.



Congratulations to Billy and X. I've seen far worse first pitches.

Like Crow I appreciate hearing the Anthem sung straight and clean. Very good job of it J.D.

Warblers need not apply.


I saw that on ig! So great to see you guys get appreciation like that in LA!


What a great honor. Only question is, What took so long?! You guys deserved this a long time ago.


Why were the Dodgers playing in Los Angeles?


Nice to see Los Angeles's own "X" get some respect, its about time... and Darn.... I was supposed to be at that game and had to back out at the last minute. THAT would have been like seeing a Shooting Star


We have come a long way, about time,


Congrats... Looked like a great night to be at the Stadium.

Now having rounded 3rd, we will need to see if the Dodgers can finish out the season.

They could win 110+.

The Astros, too! ( For transparency, I must admit to having placed a wager )

If those two go to the WS, the Dodgers will certainly need to bring X back. ( Over and over... )

The White Sox are a pushover, and the AL has home field...


Is BZ gonna throw out next years first pitch? I know he's got a knuckleball there! :)


Dodgers are 1-9 in their last 10 games...

Who to blame?


How cool is this!

(Completely, plus.)

Congrats, Billy!

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