Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Working or Consulting for Amp Manufactures


Billy, it seems that Fender for example don't seem to recreate very accurately their classic amps although I think they do a great job on the guitars and basses.

If Fender hired you as a consultant to design their amps they could make these amps correctly. Have you ever considered reaching out to them to offer your expertise? I recall when I first met you about 22 years ago I thought you mentioned that you helped Danelectro design one of their small amps, but it has been so long I may have that wrong. You have worked on my amps and brought them back to their former SilverFace glory. You are one guy I know can get Fender designs up to par.


He mentioned in another thread that he's out of work right now. I'm hoping he is healthy. This sounds like it would be a great opportunity for both Fender and Mr. Zoom.

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