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Hi, Billy. I have a ‘58 Streamliner with an added vintage Dynasonic at the bridge. Since it’s already been cut into I’d like to get it refretted to make it easier for bending. I’d like the bridge screwed down per your posts, and the bridge pickup needs a spacer added as the pole pieces are up too high. I’ve also heard of modifications like sound posts can be added to avoid feedback. Who would you recommend that I bring the guitar to? I am located in TX but I am willing to ship the guitar if necessary. I don’t know anyone who really knows old Gretsches around here. Thanks in advance!


I'm sure Curt would screw your bridge down if you asked nicely. I went to the violin/cello/acoustic bass repair shop for posts, but I imagine Curt could manage that too though.


If you're willing to ship it, Curt is really the top choice around here.


The "Curt" fellow these guys are referring to, can be reached by clicking on the "Old School Guitars" link at the upper-right corner of this page.

I'll copy that link here for your convenience:

Old School Guitars


Sounds like a cool guitar. Putting a sound post in your guitar makes it less of an archtop/hollowbody in function. It will make the guitar potentially feedback less, and/or in a different way as basically you are immobilizing the top which is largely what produces the instrument's acoustic sound. All my guitars have no posts, trestle etc .and are mostly full sized archtops. I also play loud distorted rock on them and feedback isn't a problem. Sometimes it's fun!


I use a sound post in my old Electro II (6192). It keeps the low E string, in particular) from howling, but it kills the acoustic sound.


Sounds like Curt is the answer! Thanks everyone.

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