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Two “220 Model” Acoustic Heads, one loud one weak…


Hi! Billy, I posted this topic in the bass section whitout no feedback, so, maybe you could help me on this: have two similar "220 Model" solid state bass Acoustic heads One is quite loud although prone to overdrive(behaving like a tube amp)at high volume. The other one sounds quite weak, compared. What's wrong? I don't hear the common weird false harmonics or "motorboating" of dried caps. Also the pilot light takes a few minutes to shut down completely after use.


If you have a solid-state Acoustic amp that still works, donate it to the Smithsonian and move on.


Ok, Billy I prefer my tube amps for guitar. And I even prefer a "Bassman 100", or a Hiwatt for bass, but these Acoustics had a good reputation... Obviously something goes wrong in one of these and is not worth the trouble....


The company didn't last long because their amps didn't last long. In 1970, they were second biggest selling amp in the world, but they were generally considered not worth fixing almost from day one. Don't blame me.

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