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Tweed Deluxe Speaker Thoughts….


Any speaker choices for a Tweed Deluxe? I currently have a Weber 12A125A and it's a bit narrow, hollow, and compresses/softens a bit faster then I'd like.

I was looking at a Weber 12F150-B (weber version of a Jensen with British cone). Without changing amps I'm looking for a bit more chime, headroom, pick dynamics and a bit more upper mids. I play rockabilly rock n roll inspired by the late 50s. I know most say an alnico like the 12A125A but I don't know it's just not inspiring me and is a bit ...... i don't know, looking for something a bit more exciting.


I use a vintage Jensen P12R in my 55 tweed 5E9 tremolux - beautiful overdrive when I turn the tone control up.


I’ve tried a lot of speakers in my original ‘59 Deluxe. I loved the original P12R for cleanish stuff, but it farted out laughably when pushed very hard. I tried a Weber 12A125A but my thoughts about it were in line with yours. Tried a reissue C12N, which actually sounded pretty good after a long break in. Others I’ve tried include: vintage P12Q, vintage P12P, Celestion G12M25, Celestion G12H30, and a ceramic Weber blue dog (I forget the model number). By far, my favorites for the amp are the Celestion blue alnico followed by a vintage Celestion Silver alnico.


The Vintage 30 is a damn fine speaker, as are the Weber and Celestion blue. Personally, I'm using a Jensen P12Q in my 57 Tweed Deluxe Reissue. While it may not be as efficient as the other mentioned here, I'm really enjoying it's vintage flavored voicing, especially for jazz and blues based material. I probably would prefer something with more headroom if I were going to play much volume critical (i.e with a band) styles with it.


celestion alnico of the best speakers out there

efficient, handles power, great solid low end, clear mids and sweet toppy chime

pricey but great



I use a Weber 12A125A and a 12F150. Warmth of the alnico and ceramic punch.


For "more chime, headroom, pick dynamics and a bit more upper mids", I think a Celestion Blue should be perfect.

I have also enjoyed the Weber Blue and Silver Dogs and the Jensen P12Q with tweed Deluxe circuits.

But I put a Celestion Blue in my 5A3 about 15 years ago and nothing has displaced it.


It's all very subjective. I don't like the sound of the Celestion Golds, the Blues are just way too expensive, and I don't like anything Weber makes.


@billyzoom you think a vintage 30 would work good in tweed deluxe (6V6 & 5Y3) for 50’s inspired rockabilly rock n roll ? Price aside you’d still pick the v30 over the blue? Or the blue would work ok too ?


@billyzoom you think a vintage 30 would work good in tweed deluxe (6V6 & 5Y3) for 50’s inspired rockabilly rock n roll ? Price aside you’d still pick the v30 over the blue? Or the blue would work ok too ?

– derekirving

Blue all the way over a Vintage 30 in a 5E3!


The Vintage 30 is a great full range speaker in almost any amp. It weighs about 10 pounds. It sounds like you're after something with more upper mids, so the Celestion Blue would probably be a great choice. I know what you mean about the Weber 12A125A; my impression was the same in my old Ampegs.

I actually like the reissue Jensens; the C12N and C12Q especially, but they're not going to give you that upper mid chime that you are looking for. As General_Lee suggested, the P12Q might be an option. I haven't tried one myself, but reports suggest that they have a little more midrange than the ceramics.


Journeyman and Vibrolux i'm glad I'm not the only one not 100% sold on the Weber 12A125A. It's almost feels like i'm the one wrong for saying I can't get along with it and for not buying the "this is the most authentic current speaker for 5E3"

I do have a Jensen P12Q, it's probably tonally better then the 12A125A but the low end isn't as tight at gig volume, so the search goes on. I think a ceramic will fix me up. Rght now I'm going to go back to one of the speakers I had in for a while back, Warehouse G12c/s and purchase a Warehouse WGS Veteran 30 and see which one works best. My guess is these will get me closer where i need. For a long time I had a G12C/S which sounded pretty good, wgs says these are smokey/darker speakers but I didn't notice that in the amp with my playing, and the Veteran 30 will put me in line with a Vintage 30. I always thought the Warehouse speakers were pretty good.


Jensen C12N reissues are also great sounding speakers...very similar to a Vintage 30, but not quite as expensive sounding on the low end. C12Q's don't sound nearly as good and are much less efficient.


celestion are making the best alnico speakers out there today...

an original fender tweed would have had an alnico speaker...they only went to ceramic/ferrite magnet speakers due to cost..way cheaper!

weber, who also is in the reconing biz, won't accept new italian made jensens

i recommended celestion alnico gold cause it takes more power than the blue...more clean headroom...especially for tweed deluxe...which is gonna be a bit grindy to begin is gonna get pushed fast as its only a 15 watt speaker...& have to be careful not to fry the voice coil as well

celestion has blue, ruby, gold and creamback alnico 12's!!



"weber, who also is in the reconing biz, won't accept new italian made jensens"

I think that has to do with measurements, but I also have a sense that there is some ill wind between Jensen (Recoton) and Weber. I've always really liked the sound of the reissue C12N, and more recently discovered the C12Q. The Q has less headroom, but I AB'd it with a 1960 C12R in my old Ampeg Mercury, and it sounds almost the same, but with a little more bass response and headroom, as expected. I'm guessing that folks who don't like the reissues are [1] not giving them enough time to break in, [2] play with a lot of pumped up midrange overdrive, or [3] are convinced by the Jensen RI haters on the internet forums, none of who reside here BTW. Another great sounding speaker for classic Fender sounds is the Jensen Neo (not the Tornado) which was Jensen's first release of a neodymium magnet speaker. They are not available in North America any more, but are still sold in Europe. Most of the other companies who released neodymium speakers had to go back and reengineer, but Jensen got it right the first time. Their subsequent release of the Tornado sounds muffled and dull to my ear.

Celestion makes some great speakers, and for more Voxy upper mid tastes in alnico, there's something for everyone. If the Blue doesn't have the wattage or headroom, the Gold might be worth a listen to; not honky, but bell-like, with its own flavour of the so-called British sound.

WGS and Weber make some great speakers too. The models I'm familiar with are their versions of the original Jensens. Coming back to the reissues, I just replaced the Weber 12F150 in my silverface Princeton Reverb with a reissue Jensen C12N, that was well broken in. The Weber sounded fine, but when I played the amp with the Jensen, I smiled. It was that scooped, alive, sparkly Fender BF/SF sound that I love, and seemed just right for the Filter'trons in the 6120. Now, that's not to discount the vintage 'tweedy' thing in any way; I can finally embrace the midrange in my old Ampeg and Filmosound conversion, but there's just something about the sound of a BF/SF Fender with a Jensen speaker that says, "Welcome home."


One more thought; the Weber 12A150 is a beautiful sounding speaker, not at all like the 12A125.


I have a 1957 Deluxe. The amp came originally with a P12Q. I found a period correct one for the amp and it sounds very nice.

Regarding the Weber 12A125, the need serious break-in time before they come into their voice, then they are also very nice in the tweed.


I put a Vintage 30 in my 1964 BF DR. It came with a worn-out Utah that I thought was non-original, but I was probably mistaken. It's obviously a very different amp, but I love that speaker, which is older and was made in Ipswitch, not China.

The V30 will definitely get you much more volume and headroom, and the low end can't be beat. Lots of bass, but very balanced. Like a lot of the speakers mentioned here, it's an expensive experiment, but they have high resale value if you don't like it.


My best experience with ceramic Jensens is a 4 Ohm C10 reissue that my wife spotted in a charity shop.

It was brand new and priced at £5, so I took a punt and put it in my Vibrochamp. I've had a few speakers in that amp over the last 35 years - ceramic and alnico - but it has never sounded better than it does with the C10.

I think much depends on the amp itself and the tone you're shooting for. I have found that a speaker I might really enjoy with one amp won't necessarily sound right to my ears with a different amp.

Ergo, it's not a one size fits all thing...

Given the OP's stated preferences, I do think a Celestion Blue is probably his best option for a tweed Deluxe.

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