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Tube Alternatives for Little Kahuna: 12at7 or 12au7 in place of 12ax7?


Hey, I was wondering if anybody did this to get tamer sound. I love it the way it is but there's so much 'Verb available I was curious as to what this would do. I did a quick search and got this:


sure bz will offer his definitive response, but just know that the 12ay7 is really the closest to the 12ax7...but with far less gain

12at7's and 12au7's are more like second cousins! hah



Are you saying you wish to change the tube types in your Little Kahuna?

Actually change their type and gain?

Is this experimenting?

A joy ride?


Isn't there also a 12az7? One you never hear about


The 12AX7's have nothing to do with the Reverb. I suggest turning the knobs down.


I knew that would be the answer!


Yeah, I kinda expected that could happen. That's about my skill level on these types of things anyway so there you go.


Thanks! Love the unit btw, just wondering what possibilities are out there.


The Drive knob controls how hard the springs are driven, which affects the sound of the reverb. The Depth knob determines how much Reverb there is. Keep that one low if you don't want a ton of Reverb. If it couldn't go way over the top, people would complain about that too.


Ha! I hear you man. I like having more than I want to use all the time! I usually prefer keeping the drive down a notch and playing around with the depth. Its sounds amazing through a mesa blue angel 1x12 with a tiny bit of the amps reverb still on. Also through a twin-amp reissue, that might be my fave combo: warm amp tone, sproingy reverb.

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