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Touring w/Pearl Jam


Billy, do you have a photo gallery of all of the audience shots you've taken? I went looking for the one from the Toronto show last year, but no luck.


Thanks for shoots Billy. I was listening to John Doe on the Adam Corolla Podcast talking about this tour. Keep the pics coming. :D



What's the biggest crowd you played in front of?


Hey Billy, are you enjoying my town (Sao Paulo)? I hope so. Cheers J


It's a great town once you get used to the smell of sugar-ethanol diesel exhaust. The fans are great everywhere. I'm amazed that so many people here know my name. We're in Rio now. The giant statue of Christ is overlooking the stadium. BZ


So cool, Billy.
I've been to SaoPaulo a couple of times. Kinda nice, kinda creepy.

Stay well and have fun.


This is absolutely cool. I wish I could be there to experience some of this.


I just watched the Amercican Masters documentary on Pearl Jam.

They are the one the true great Rock Bands of all time, and they're the best Rock band still touring.

Nobody got the answer to my trivia question about the name of Mike McCready's first band, and why he named it that.

Great photos!


I see that crowd, that ocean of people and I realise you play for them. And you still answer our questions what potmeter is best.... Sir, we are not worthy! :D

ps: I guess that is the amp...


That is amazing, Billy. Congratulations on a most successful tour.


Thanks for sharing, Billy. And I bet that Pearl Jam is pretty excited to have X on the same bill.


Just finished our last show in Brasil. Argentina starts tomorrow. Eddie's been singing Devil Doll with us the last couple shows. I produced a recording of him doing it with the SuperSuckers about 12 years ago. Brasil has been mostly fun. The coffee is great, and so are the fans. I can understand why the Ramones kept coming here. I'll put up some more photos in the morning.


Wow what a crowd ! Would love to be at one the energy must be insane


Billy, I have seen X in concert a couple of times and recall you taking photos of the crowd. Now we get to see the photos of the crowds that you take pics of. Very nice shots.

Never been to Brazil but one of my fave movies is "City of God" which takes place in Brazil in the '70s. There was a follow up to this movie called "City of Men" but it was not nearly as good. Billy, if you have not seen that movie you should check it out. Not sure if you'd like it but you might. It's probably for rent on DVD. Saw it on Showtime or something.


And do have fun uncle Billy! :D I'm happy to see you're having a good time! 8-)


I liked all my trips into Brasil back in the 90's.

Had to advise others against a lot of "jewelry, etc." to avoid an odd mishap, but the people, the food, the fun nature, always enjoyable...

The Rio beaches were beautiful, Sao Paulo cosmopolitan/crazy, Brasilia was a bit different being layed out during the Military 60's, etc.

I thought the countryside was very liveable, as were the areas North and South of Sao Paulo and Rio heading towards the coast.

I never made it to Manaus or Belem...nor the Falls... :(


I'd love to see Manaus, combined with a jungle trip. Cool! 8-)

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