Billy Zoom's Jet Set

The unheard music


Billy, I just watched the unheard music today and really liked your tone in the live scenes and in the scene where you guys are rehearsing "real child of hell" in particular, do you remember what amps you were using at that time? Looked like fender combos, nice raw sound though


A Traynor 50w bass head on a BZ 4-10" cabinet with Jensen C10R's.


Wow, any mods to that head? Is traynor Canadian?


Traynor is as Canadian as poutine and Tim Horton's.


This one was made in upstate New York.


Such a cool movie. As a drummer, I love DJ's percolator polyrhythm bit. As an LAlien, I love the sequence of the house being moved thru an empty LA in the middle of the night. As an X fan, I love the whole damn thing.


Glad you like the house moving scene. It must have been an expensive shoot, having them drive that house down the street.

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