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The Letter of the Day


I was watching Sesame Street with the boy this morning and X was the letter of the day. Which begs the question — did the band ever get to do a musical guest spot? Seems like the kind of inside joke the producers occasionally slip in as a kindness to keep us parents from completely losing our minds. I'm consistently surprised at the caliber of the guests they get.


I don't think so, but I immediately thought of Oscar the Grouch singing Los Angeles and Universal Corner.


We did something similar...I don't remember what it was but it was fun.


East Coast people might remember the Uncle Floyd show... Dave Edmumds and I think Ramones were on that show, ca. 1980.


Was that a kids show? In what city? I just remember Captain 20 and Capt. Chesapeake. And Miss Molly and Miss Nancy on Romper Room.


We did some kid's show where X was the letter of the day, but it wasn't Sesame Street. It was probably 10 or 15 yers ago. They wouldn't have allowed a Punk band around kids back in the day.


By the early '90s, The Beastie Boys, The B-52s, and R.E.M. had all been guests. The punks grew up and had kids of their own.


Uncle Floyd is actually Floyd Vivino, older brother of great guitarist and bandleader Jimmy Vivino. So Uncle Floyd always had some good connections in the music industry. His show was a hoot. Funny song parodies like "Deep in the Swamps of Jersey" (Oh the factory smoke will make you choke, deep in the swamps of Jersey, etc).

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