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The Have Nots: solo tab?


I don't know how to read a tab.


I don't know how to read a tab.

– Billy Zoom

If you cannot read it and I'm completely unsure I've even written it correctly I might should try something else. If I can figure out how to record an audio file or maybe even a video and I post it here... would you be willing to tell me how close I am?


Agreed. Billy was light years ahead of the other punk bands of the time. I think punk cane along just in time and was a perfect launching platform for Billy’s music. I don’t mean to insult John Doe but he lucked out connecting with Billy. He’s talented in his own right but Billy’s amazing playing brought success to John Doe.

Make is public record (no pun intended) but my fave X album is “Under The Big Black Sun”. Fave track “Dancing With Tears In My Eyes”. Simply amazing.

– ThePolecats

Agreed, UTBBS is my favorite, hands down; its the one that solidified X as my favorite band. I like them all but that one is special; the production, songs, musicianship, variety, its a perfect album in my opinion!


Dancing With Tears In My Eyes was the '58 Strat.

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