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The Have Nots (fade out)


Like the rest of you I've listened to the song The Have Nots hundreds of times over the years. Vinyl, cassette, CD, mp3, boombox, Hi-Fi, headphones, in a car, etc... all the various ways and I can't believe I never noticed something. The song fades but also has an ending (one measure of the Johnny B. Goode thing in A, then the G chord with a tat-tat-tat on the drums and then end on E).

I'm not sure I've ever noticed another song that fades but also has a definite finish. I know this isn't "important" or Earth shattering. I just find it interesting.

I've been working with a guy I know to get this song written into Guitar Pro (staff and tab) and I was listening to the fade out to catch any "track 2" licks. There are several that repeat throughout the song but with some slight differences. Anyway, that's when I heard the true ending for the first time.

Billy - Any memory of why the song was finalized with a fade out even though it has an ending? Sorry if this is a silly question.


I don't remember. Is it important? I can't hear it on youtube files.


You have to turn it up pretty loud to hear it.


ray manzarek must have thought so!! haha



It's not important. It's just something I noticed for the first time after all these years. I thought it was an interesting tidbit. I've been listening to the song a lot lately getting it all written out. Just for fun... hobby time for me. I'm doing the drums right now and I was wrong to think it would be simple. There are only 3 or 4 patterns and they're all pretty straightforward but he doesn't seem to follow any predictable order. I'm sure it all makes sense in his head but for an amateur musician like me it's confusing. That's why I have to go measure by measure. I can't predict when he's going to play which pattern. I wouldn't be surprised if he never plays the song the same twice. Maybe he just mixes up the patterns however he feels like it. As long as he keeps the beat steady who's going to notice if the kick drum was on the downbeat in any given measure?


I've watched several of that guy's videos over the last few months and he's not only a good player he is also a good teacher. Back when I was working out the tab for The Have Nots (with a lot of help from a guy I know with a much better ear than me) here's what we came up with for the solo. I'm not set up to make a video of myself playing. I guess I could do it on my iPhone but I don't think it would look or sound very good. I uploaded the full tab to Ultimate Guitar some months ago but here's the solo as a clip I just put on YouTube.

Once through at normal speed and then once through slowed down. Seeing/hearing this again I'm questioning the accuracy in certain places. I think the notes are mostly correct but perhaps would be better in different positions. Either way... my humble attempt at one of my favorite guitar solos.

Billy - Please let me know if you disapprove of this and I'll take it down right away.



Billy - The guy there in the video... are you saying that he is playing the solo in the same positions that you do? It sure sounds right. If he is then my work is off in some places and I'd like to clean it up. Did this guy nail your solo?

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