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Standel 25L15, Ampeg Gemini


Were either of these the inspiration for your Bandaxall designs?

I've been thinking about building about building a 25L15 copy this. I have a '65 gemini and love it.

I would guess since Cliff Gallup (so I've heard anyway), and Chet used the 25l15, you would have been at least curious about them over the years.

Have you ever compared the Standel to the Gemini? Do you know if they have anything in common?

Feel free to add anything you think is relevant to the topic


No, I was influenced by Bandaxall, and then I modified his circuit. I don't believe Cliff used a Standell. I do believe it when he said he didn't remember what he used. I believe it was that modified Pro that was the Owen Bradley studio house amp. That's what it sounds like to me. Some Gemini's are really cool, but my favorite was the Gemini III that nobody remembers, with the Magnatone-sounding vibrato. One of my favorite singers had one with a D130 that he used as a PA. It sounded great.


Nice pic. Wiki was wrong. Maybe he gigged, or used a Standel later (or not at all)

Have you played a Standel before?

Can't even find a picture of a Gemini III, did you mean Gemini II?


I knew there was Ampeg Gemini 1 , Gemini 11 and Gemini VI Gemini 111 is new to me.

But don't forget the front panel Rocket was way more rare than Reverb Rocket

Alll are very cool.


In that interview, Cliff said he borrowed an amp from Grady. I think Grady frequently used to record with the house amp also. He may have used it on the session before Gene's and Cliff assumed it was his. A Gemini 3 lools just like any sixties Gemini 15", but it sounded better and had the cool Vibrato. I've had several Geminis, but that was my favorite. If I'd known at the time how rare it was and that I wouldn't even be able to find a schematic for it, I wouldn't have sold it. BTW, the FAME Muscle Shoals house amp was a Gemini with a D130. It's on pretty much all of those hits. The Gemini III had 7591's and an optical Vibrato that used multiple photocells to shift the pitch. At medium speeds, it sounded like a Magnetone, although at the fast or slow ends the attack and decay times weren't as gradual as the Magnetone Varister circuit. I think I have some photos of me using it on stage in the late 80's. I'm not very good at finding photos, but I'll look.


BTW, I know the mods done to that ProAmp.


20+ years ago a late 60s early 70s Hiwatt was stolen from me and I had an insurance claim on it. At the time reissues were over $2000. Since I could still get real Hiwatts for $600, I found a 69 Seuper Lead and bought that because I figure it would be cool and a good investment.

In my quest I played a TV Front Pro and briefly thought about getting it because it sounded so good, but the Marshall won out. The Pro was amazing. Marc Ribot plays one in the Tom Waits movie and now the Cliff thing has me curious.

Any thoughts on the Standels?

Either way, sounds like I could use a cabinet with a D130.


Oh and the photo cell this sounds like the origins of the Univibe.

I've never gotten around to hearing the Magnavox Vibrato, just the Super/Band Master/ Concert Vibrato which I guess is fairly complex as far as Vibratos go.


That Fender circuit used a crossover network to separate lows and highs, and the alternately turned them up and down, kind of like an automatic Bigsby Tone Pedal. The problem with it, aside from requiring three tubes, is that it's always in the circuit whether it's on or off, and it really messes with the dry sound. I always had to play through the other channel unless I was using the Tremolo on a song. They usually don't work correctly anymore because the carbon comp resistors have drifted too far and it just sounds like regular Tremolo. It's pretty trippy when it works right.


Lee Garner on Jazzmaster/Bandmaster combo.


Sounds cool. nice playing. That Band Master has been the Fender I've kinda wanted for a while, but I have so many amps, it would probably sit like a lot of them do.

It sounds like that vibrato on Beefheart's Big Eyed Beans to me. I think that's the song I'm thinking of.


I had a vintage Ampeg some years ago that I foolishly sold. It was an R15R "Superbreverb". Had a 15" speaker with a big square magnate. Controls were on the top. Probably about 20 watts. It was in incredible condition and sounded amazing. I got it at a local music shop in Philly for a Peavey Studio 60 and $150.00

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