Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Silver Jacket


Anybody here try to duplicate Zooms leather jacket? The color change must be done with silver spray paint? I got a leather that does not get much use. Thinking of giving it a go. Not sure if I have the moxie to wear it though.


Isaac Hayes: "They say this cat Billy is one ba-a-ad moxiefu…"

Girl singers: "Shut yo mouth!"

Isaac: "I'm talkin' 'bout Zoom."

Girls: "And we can dig it!!!"


Don't use spray paint unless you want silver furniture and a silver car seat. Use leather dye.


Billy thank you. Everywhere I've read it was spray paint!


I used to get spray-on leather dye from a shoe repair shop. I don't know whether the EPA still allows it to exist, but it was good stuff. I gave it a touch up once a year, and then buffed it a little with a soft rag to get rid of anything that might rub off on my Hudson Hornet upholstery.


I'm going to try the dye in a cup gun. Seems it should work the same. Off topic, are you currently taking amp service projects? Thanks


How will you get it from the spray can to the cup?


I've used leather dye that is bottled with a swab applicator. Actually only black. Thought I might find silver? But ready to spray rattle cans it will be. Thanks for direction.

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