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Sam Phillips autobiography?


Anybody got it? I lost my copy years ago, and I want to re-read it. For some reason, there's no mention of it at all in the internet. I think it came out around 1970-71.


There is nary a peep regarding an autobiography. I see that Peter Guralnick has a book on Sam coming out in November of this year.


I knew her as Leslie Phillips when I was younger, the Christian recording artist. I thought she was better than Amy Grant, and ironically I believe Tori Amos (a PK) was also paying attention to Leslie Phillips and modeled her style after Leslie/Sam.


I did the same search as Ms. Deed during the hockey game autobiography info...

I think you will need to do a Library of Congress search. I haven't done one in a while, but not hard and you can ask for help in the website and one of the Staff will steer you right to what you seek.

That way you can get the ISBN number assigned to the book, and all the publisher info, etc.


Tavo, Tavo, Tavo...

– Deed Eddy

I'm sorry, I could NOT resist!

Sam is not laughing


In the pre-internet days, I had an idea...dial 800-555-1212 and see if Sun Studios had a #. They did! I called and the receptionist picked up: -Hello...Sun Studios --(Knees shaking a bit) As in...SUN STUDIOS in Memphis? -That's right, sir. you guys have T-shirts (it's all I could think of! -Yes, sir. --Send me that 2. -(She takes all my info, and I say...) Sam Phillips there? -Yes he is, sir. --Could you put him on the phone? -Don't push your luck!!!

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