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RIP Pat & Ricky


RIP: 12/31/85
Ricky Intveld -drums
Pat Woodward - Bass
Bobby Neal -guitar
Andy Chapin -keyboards 
Ricky Nelson-vocals


has it been that long ago ? I still remember hearing about the crash.

in February 1971, I was at a concert waiting to hear Dennis Yost and the Classics IV. well, the "warm-up" band was playing and I couldn't wait for them to get off the stage so I could enjoy the Classics IV. at the time, I didn't appreciate the music they were playing. the group was Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band. a couple of years later, I really liked their music when I bought the album with the song "Garden Party" on the album. oh, the mistakes we make when we're young.

thanks for the reminder, Billy. they all died way too soon.


That was NOT the Garden Party band that was his Rockabilly band and they were awesome.


That was NOT the Garden Party band that was his Rockabilly band and they were awesome.

– Billy Zoom

sorry for my mistake.


That was NOT the Garden Party band that was his Rockabilly band and they were awesome.

– Billy Zoom

Glad that he was back in that scene when the end came. Need to find some footage of what they were doing then


I was 12 and remember like it was yesterday. In a very large collection of vinyls in the house, my father found one that played Garden Party and a few other songs I knew but I didn't really know him. He said Ricky was a man with natural talent.

I was having some vanilla ice cream after the lasagna dinner my mom had made and the fire was going in the fireplace and the tree was lit. Maybe it sticks in my head so clearly because my dad had told me that after a rough spell in his life, he was coming back on strong with great music and good health. I think this sticks in my head because how sad it was after a man is on a comeback only to have life cut short.


We went to see Rick Nelson at The Los Angeles Forum in 1983. He was sweet and quiet, polite and utterly charming. You can’t imagine (well, maybe you can) what it was like to have Ricky Nelson say, “Mom, this is Deed Eddy. Deed, this is my Mom.” It was surreal, it was awesome. I felt like I was eleven. His kids were there, it was Ozzie and Harriet, it was magical.

James Burton was with us, we visited with all the artists on the show...Jerry Lee Lewis, The Jordanaires, Little Anthony, The Righteous Brothers. It was an amazing night, and Rick and his band tore the place up. Bless all their hearts.


And, bless your heart for sharing. What an amazing night.


I saw him around the end of October 1985 in Tahoe. He opened for Jerry Lee Lewis. Honestly, I wasn’t that interested in him but wanted to see Jerry Lee but left blown away by both. Great show. Left us too soon.


"The Irrepressible Ricky", Thanks Billy, I thoroughly enjoyed that, I grew up with most all of those songs. Those Guys were tight, I always thought the Stone Canyon Band were with him in the accident. And thanks for sharing that lovely memory Deed.

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