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RIP Lemmy


We lost Lemmy today, RIP.

Make that Rest In Volume!


Bummer. I've known him since 1980. He always showed up at X shows whenever we played around London. The last time I talked to him was at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood a couple of years ago.


Well gosh darn. What an icon. And great musician, songwriter, and vocalist.

Nothing can replace this guy.


So sad to hear. Might seem strange coming from a dyed in the wool Rockabilly guy but Lemmy was always an inspiration to me. A guy who just got out there and did his thing and didn't give a rat's what anyone thought.

Motorhead will always be a legendary rock and roll band and Lemmy lived and died a legend.


Just heard it right now in the news R.I.P. Lemmy


So soon after Taylor, such sad day. Goodbye you noisy git.



Never got to see Motörhead, will eternally kick myself in the ass for that, inexcusable.

But I DID see Headcat, Lemmy's rockabilly band with Danny B Harvey and Slim Jim Phantom, they opened up for Dick Dale at Double Door in Chicago. They have a few CDs , check em out.



Anyone know if Lemmy ever did any work with The Ramones? I know they were big fans of each other and a great mutual admiration. They did Ramones/Motorhead shows but did Lemmy ever do actually any songwriting or recording with The Ramones?


To my knowledge, the only time they played onstage was the final show, and as far as working together, I'm pretty sure Lemmy produced a 12" single for Too Tough To Die, I forget which song.


rocko, I didn't know about the Too Tough To Die single but I do know they did shows together and I think it was more than just their last show because I recall Lemmy in an interview back in the '90s or maybe the '80s even said they did a concert together (or more) and it was in San Bernardino (CA) and The Motorhead Fans booed the Ramones and Lemmy was furious. Not sure if he took stage and told them to "f" off or what but he was mad. So I think they did more than just the final show.

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