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Billy, I just discovered the Ramonetures album you did and I love it! So cool to hear the guitar more up front and the unique surfy renditions of the songs. We're the guitar tracks lifted off the albums and you recorded over them, or did you just re-record? They sound killer! Did you also do the clean guitars that replaced the vocals?


DJ and I rplayed our regular X parts, and then the rest was overdubbed. It sounds good because Mark Neill engineered and produced it.


Studer 1" 8-track and Studer console.


Sounds killer, I love hearing the guitars more clearly. Who did the clean overdubs that replace the vocals?


That was a long time ago. Most of it's Mark Neill, Criss Barfield came up with the lead on Shadolight, and Mel's in there somewhere. I played the sax and flute. I wasn't there when they did most of the clean stuff.


My amp was Mark's 4 watt Magnatone through my old 4-10" cabinet. I think the clean parts were all with the Magnatone.


The Ramones were part of last night's dinner music rotation, my wife's selection.

Homemade Rapini and Italian Sausage White pizza and beer...

Great combo all together...The Ramones blasting away throughout!


The other CD she brought down was "Classic YES"...

We would have needed to invite Proteus, too!

Pizza, Beer, Ramones was during dinner, YES during prep time...

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