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The Little Kahuna arrived yesterday, and today I got to test drive it! If any of you are interested in this wonderful machine, just do it. Buy it. I sold an upright bass in order to fix my wife's old Cadillac and get my dream reverb. So, a little back story:

My voice is blown out again, probably for good this time. The Boilermakers need to do some instrumentals now (which I've always wanted to do anyway), and what better than over-the-top surf tunes? I played the Jazzmaster through both of my Super Reverbs (a '65 and a '65 reissue). I haven't tried it with my main guitar - Gretsch DSW - yet, but there's no reason it won't sound equally as cool.

The old Super Reverb sounded much better to my ears. No surprise there, I just wish it was more reliable for live shows (perhaps I should take it to a shop and have it gone over).

Okay, bottom line: I was absolutely giddy playing through this thing. With the Drive and Depth knobs straight up and the "pull for surf" engaged, the room came alive. It's really sensitive to the attack on the strings, it can sound nice or nasty when you want it to. Dick Dale glissando or Surfaris drip. It's really cool, and if I sound excited it's because I am!

I used to like the on-board reverb on the Fender amps, but I don't think I'll be using it anymore.

I didn't spend much time on the tremolo, but I'll dive into that soon. It sounds good, I'll tell you that much.

This is the first time I've written any kind of review on any kind of gear, and the first time I've felt like it. Billy Zoom has come up with a good thing here. A really good thing. Wow.



I am glad that you like it so much. I'm sure that Billy does too.


All who've played through them agree they're pretty fabulous.


They're great little machines. Kurt Vile borrowed mine for the last couple weeks. He plugged in my old country club and In a few seconds was hooked. They're reverbs best kept secret.


I miss mine when I'm away from it. I use it on all my amps even ones with reverb built in.



Had band practice tonight, so I got to hear it with drums and bass pretty loud. With my Gretsch I always use Tavo's Atomic Brain, but it doesn't seem to mix well with the Kahuna at volume. Pity, really. I'll keep messing with it, but tonight it sounded better by itself. The old blackface Super Reverb sounded great with the Kahuna, but started crackling and popping half way through the rehearsal as usual (maybe just dirty pots?), so I switched to the '65 reissue and everything was fine.

I had to back off on the knobs to about 11 o'clock for clarity with all that drum noise - pulled for surf of course. The Jazzmaster and the DSW both sounded great. My bass player is a gearhead like me and he loved the Little Kahuna.

I used the tremolo quite a bit tonight and love it. Safe to say I won't be using the onboard reverb or tremolo on the amps from here on.




I just found this on youtube.


– Billy Zoom



I have been on this group for about a year. How do I start a new topic? Thank you.


Click on the Add a Topic box...upper right.


Click on the Add a Topic box...upper right.

– Billy Zoom


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