Billy Zoom's Jet Set



No idea. I don't post anything private on there.

– Otter

Thank you. I'll take a look at this.


A lot of people use it for memes, so the content on the front page can be pretty childish, but it really is a first-rate image hosting service.


ImageShack works great and it's easy.


I'm so disappointed. By the thread title, I thought this is where we'd post all our great photos of Billy. I guess that'll have to wait.


Trying to use Imgur on my iphone


Yep. Works great. Thanks, PowDog.


I thought a Hotlink was a kind of sausage.


How do you get it to display the photo instead of just the word link?


If you load the imgur app to your phone, it will ask to access your photos. Follow the navigator and chose a photo. Then after annotating or giving it a title chose the option to "make it public". Then use the drop down menu to copy the link. When you drop the link on TGP text box it will appear as a text link until you "add post", then the pic will pop up.


On the computer, always copy the Direct Link, the one that ends in .jpg. On a Mac, right click on the picture and choose copy image address. Most of the time, that is the Direct Link (depends on the web site).

Then paste it into the post (make sure there is a space before and after the url). If the link ends in .jpg, it will usually work.


My instructions are only good for an iPhone, on which I do 99.99% of my computing and communicating.


I still have a flip phone. I use it for making "phone calls". I'm never that far from a computer. On the road, I use a Verizon JetPack, so I have internet on my laptop even in the tour van going down the interstate. It works everywhere, except for parts of Northern New Mexico, Southern Utah, and at my amp shop on Main St. in Orange. Apparently, Main St. in Orange CA is a "Verizon Marginal Coverage Area", which means only one bar which will usually do for a phone call, but not for the internet.


Billy, do you usually ride shotgun?


You can still link to photos posted on hosting sites like Photobucket (or elsewhere on the Interwebs), you just can't upload them directly from your computer.

– Parabar

Just a try.

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