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Out with the new, in with the old.


Traded a 4 year old Princeton Reverb Reissue for this 64 Ampeg Reverberocket. Has a three prong cord, but the tubes (octal pre amp, 7591 power) all are USA made Ampeg branded. Haven't pulled the back off to see if it's been serviced.

Have only played it for a bit, but so far, I'm loving it. Nice smooth overdrive, much tighter lows than the PRRI, trem and verb to die for. A bit warmer sounding than the Fender.


I think you made an excellent trade, congrats!


Congrats. I've played a few 60's R'Rockets over the years and they have one of the best reverbs, hands down.


Congrats! Those are great amps, and yours looks to be in really good shape. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it appears the chrome is clean and the screening is legible too. Alnico speaker in there? I had a '64 RR that had a C10R. I stupidly sold that amp. I agree with nightbird - the reverb is excellent.

I love the blue check vinyl and Reverborocket is about the coolest name for an amp ever!


Congrats. I have a '66 Gemini 2 and have a good idea of what you are talking about. Good choice!


Day-yumn, but that looks clean for it's age! Nice acquisition!


Wow! The control panel looks like it just came out of the showroom! That amp looks fantastic!


Wonderful amp you have!

That really takes me back. First good amp I ever played with was that one, owned by a friend at college. It forever made me fond of older Ampegs. Such a big, warm sound. And reverb just as good as described. MD


Thanks, guys. Any thoughts on putting a newer speaker (recommendations?) in it and keeping the one that's in it now (original?) safe? It sounds wonderful as is, but I've read that the original speakers often blow when pushed.


I have a 1965 rr I put an eminence cannabis Rex in it excellent speaker. It really tamed the highs and smoothed them out. I tried a v30 found it to bright. Could be that I have the 7868 power tube version though


I'd like to hear one of those some day.


You won. Those are great amps!

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