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One guitar and/or with an amp…


I remember when I was happy to have a cheap acoustic/electric guitar, a beater Deluxe Reverb, and my Wurly 140 B electric piano. Simplicity. Actually, I've been divesting myself of gear as I'm not gigging anymore, and really don't need it all. I can't justify a ton of gear.


Apparently, my moment of weakness has resolved.

My herd of 10 became unmanageable this last season or two...

But, no way to get by with just one guitar, yet, but, in a pinch, one amp could possibly do...


I have been greatly immersed these last 6 months in "family shortcomings". You all will someday do the same.

Could I be happy with just that "one", and if in fact it needs an amp, an amp? Yep.

There is an old soliloquy...I started by crawling on all fours, then I stood up to two feet, then I needed just a cane...

No need for a cane, yet, but, I can see the reality of playing a blisteringly great 10 minutes, with a set of favorite licks and a wide array of passages everyone knows, showing off a bit, grinning, and letting everybody then just go through unsettled bewilderment. Whatever era...

My collecting these last 10 years has been fun, imagining what some dude in a different place and time had available, what he might be listening to or chasing, having some disposable income, etc. Different genres, different styles, technology advancing, etc.

I have loved guitars for 50 years...


Fish House eh, nice little place.......not far from Jalisco's, my Fri Happy Hour hangout! And you're right about a Tele.....they're a genuine 'Timex' guitar - "Takes a lickin' & keeps on tickin'!"

If Pacific Ave isn't still stuck in 1968, that's another chunk of eclectic America just history now. No more hemp shops and choker/headband parlors!

– Windsordave

Pacific Ave isn't even stuck in 1974, when I got here.

Downtown is a sea of panhandlers and crazies.

The guys from Snail, and The Artichoke Brothers, are old now. Jerry Miller rarely gigs anymore.

UCSC is the tail that wags the dog now. Santa Cruz is like Berkeley South now, and Watsonville is getting to be like Salinas.

I still like it here, but it ain't like it was before the '89 earthquake, and from what I here from refugee alumni from the sixties, it's not like it ever was! True for most places probably, and I ain't going back to Schenectady, or Boston!


I played through a '65 Super Reverb since 1983, but it has become unreliable these last few years, so I bought a reissue, which sounds pretty good. It's the only amp I use in public now. My only guitar nowadays is a 2004 DSW and it suits me just fine.

So I guess I'm a one-guitar, one-amp guy. I rock!

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