Billy Zoom's Jet Set

On tour again…


The Duane Eddy is working out well.


Wow, you're getting your sax out? You must be happy.


Looks good on ya, as well!


BZ - looks like you're coming east. Hope to catch you at City Winery NYC.


You guys doing "Please Come Back To Me"?


I'm not accustomed to seeing BZ without his sparkly Silver Jet. Looks good, however.


Unfortunately, the East Coast only gets our Rock show so far. This is more fun.


hah…lookin good…duane guitar, tenor and rancher (with dearmond pup?), your own beautiful "western" amp in back…good for you



Don't overlook the Blue Amp and the other Rancher that Michael Kilpatrick is using. Michael plays second guitar and takes over the drums when DJ switches to vibes.


yeah cool…84's and active tone..great look



In motel near Portland airport. Massive power outage has blacked out the entire area. I really hope the water heater isn't electric, and that I'll be able to wash and dry my hair in the morning. Never a dull moment. Tomorrow is Seattle.


I like the look of that little blue amp ... volume and tone, probably


yes but the tone control is active..doesnt just boosts

i know bz uses a baxandall tone circuit in his western, so may be a variation of that

oddly when i first saw that blue amp in the pic bz posted above, i thought it was an ampeg flip-top…had to look 2x..but coincidentally, ampeg was known to use the baxandall circuit too

i like that his amps are great lookin and outwardly look deceptively simple, but have a lot of cool little design quirks 'n perks, that you don't see being done much nowadays..thats experience & knowhow



EQ in Blue amp is a multiple LC circuit.


Hey ramblin' man welcome to OZ. Stick your gum on the wall and ride the pig. Yes most of the people you see here are on dope it is legal in WA state. Sorry I missed y'all but I was busy trying to get my amp serviced. Hope your hair is ok, +2 for the sax.


Hope you have a GREAT the tremolo arm !


Billy, will y'all be coming back to the orange peel in Asheville? If so I'll be there this time!


Billy, will y'all be coming back to the orange peel in Asheville? If so I'll be there this time!


Probably when they offer us another gig. Did it sell out last time? I don't remember. I'd like to take our acoustic show back east. It's really fun for us.


I'm back home for a few days, and then off to the East. It seems like almost every time I go on tour, the website server crashes, my site goes down, and then I can't get any email because it all goes through my website. They tell me it should be back up tomorrow. Right now, even Facebook isn't speaking to me because they think I'm using an invalid email address. If it weren't for the GDP, I'd be completely cut off from society. BTW, the shows went really well. I hope we do more of the so called Acoustic Shows. They're a lot more fun and I don't even need earplugs.

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