Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Nice guitar


Fascinating all the meticulous work to create the illusion of 60 years of use, abuse, modification, and deterioration in a brand new guitar. It looks like they did a great job in capturing Billy's iconic Silver Jet.


Be interesting to see what it goes for. I tried a new caddy green Jet with dynas and Bigsby and it was heavy. Also tried a new jet Firebird FSR with filters and no Bigsby and it was even heavier. The new models still have a lot of wood in them. I bet this will hold it's value better than the new models due to the weight issue alone. I like the fact that it's in Los Angeles.


BZ, did you change out the tuners on your guitar and leave screw holes behind as shown on this guitar?


Who's Bill Zoom? (As stenciled on the case.) Is that Billy's lesser known and more reserved cousin?


This is a long story: The original case I used was for a Gibson Les Paul Recording model, which was the only case I could find that fit (guitar came to me with no case) Later on, I traded one of my lesser Silver Jets for a really nice 6121. The Silver Jet was in one of those cases, but the guy who got it traded to Steve Soest for an original Gretsch Tweed case. Steve wanted to sell the case, but one of his customers was concerned that the case said Billy Zoom. To prove that the paint could be removed with a little lacquer thinner, Steve removed the Y on one side. The guy still didn't buy it, so it sat at Steve's for a while. Then I saw it in Steve's shop and bought it because I still needed a case for one of my Silver Jets. It seemed like too much hassle to replace the Y, so I just ended up using it that way.


So am I following this correctly---you still own the case, which means this is your guitar for sale? That adds some special sauce to the sale IMO. Built-in mojo.


Not Billy's guitar. A Stern-made custom shop tribute, I believe. It comes with a replica case...


That was a good price. They only made 50 of them and I've never seen one sell for less than that. List price was $8000. The listing was odd because it isn't a Duo Jet, and it isn't a solid body, but I assume whoever bought it knew exactly what it was.


There's another one for sale in the Garage Sale at an even better price (shameless plug)


I've seen a number a fakes on Ebay and even one in a music store.

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