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Hi Billy

Can you tell me about the necks on your favorite gretsch jets (including your custom shop model)? Have you come across much variation in the vintage jets you've owned? Are they "thin"-ish, somewhat chunky, etc? Would you describe it as a C or D shape (as compared with a "V shape"?.

Thanks very much!


My first Silver Jet had a huge neck. The rest were pretty average...not fat but not as thin as my 6120 or 6121. The BZ models are average. As a rule, the most comfortable neck is the one you've been playing for the last 20 minutes. It doesn't take long to adjust to a new profile.


Thanks for your response Billy. Your thoughts kind of made me realize that it's very true, you really adjust to a neck as you play the guitar. For example, I have a custom shop 6120 that arrived a few years ago with a somewhat chunky neck, yet it's not difficult or uncomfortable to play. I hope to soon order a Custom shop jet, and aside from wanting it light in weight (no more than 8 pounds or so), I think I'll just go with whatever neck the highly gifted Mr. Stern and company come up with. Anyway, it's helpful to hear the thoughts of a seasoned, ardent, and most talented Gretsch jet player such as you! Thanks again!!


I love the profile on my 57 silver jet reissue! I was expecting a chunky les paul style neck but was pleasantly surprised that it was much closer in profile to my 62 strat "C" shape neck, just a tad thicker. That with the 12" radius is magic. One thing I wonder: the specs on gretsch's site say it has medium-jumbo frets, but they also more closely resemble the small vintage wire on my strat, which I prefer. Billy, what was the fret sizing like on your jets? Was it consistent or different from one to the next?


Frets? Each guitar has a bunch of them. Next time I get my guitar out, I'll look. I don't pay much attention to things like that.

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