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NAMM Knee.


Ouch... fast recovery Billy!


Damn,I mean NAMM ! Get better soon,sorry to hear about it.


Hope it gets better soon BZ.

My knee snapped last June. Just walking through a nice French village. The inside of my knee just said SNAP! No tripping or nothing. It slowly got less painfull but it keeps me awake at night and I can't fully stretch my leg, thus standing croocked.


Billy, Well, so sorry about the knee. I was so happy to see you and to get to spend just a bit of time talking with you. Photos will come soon.


Here's to a a speedy recovery Billy, get your NAMM Knee well soon, so that guitar stance can live on.


We used to do all four days and then some. The first night was pretty bad but by the end we'd adapted. I remember one year though walking around with an inflamed knew because of a torn ligament. I feel for ya. Hope you mend quick


Seems to be going around BZ.. Up here in the strangely un-white NW, there's an MRI in my future. Just about went down the basement stairs involuntarily a while back when it gave out ....


Maybe there's a signature silver sparkle cane in the wings....


Apparently BZ had both knees replaced. I saw something on Facebook.


Apparently BZ had both knees replaced. I saw something on Facebook.

– Richard Hudson

Oh man, one at a time just about got the best of me. Both at the same time, Lordy.

All the best to you Mr Zoom.


Oh man. That'll test some mettle there.


Oh man, I can’t believe you didn’t say ‘That’ll test some melita there’.....


Wait...this thread's a year old.

Are you healed up or just getting to the surgeries?


Both knees done Monday I believe. Best wishes Billy


I forgot NAMM Knee is a thing--I got it NAMM Saturday. (Yes, I made it to see Paul Pigat, but wasn't sure if I could get back to the hotel.) Actually, I wasn't sure how I'd get myself home to Kentucky.

Mercifully, I took 45 minutes but got myself the 2 blocks from my room up to the entrance to our hotel to meet the car to take me to the airport. Then, the airline wheeled or flew me back home to my son who met me.

Surgeon said meniscus is gone, I have bone on bone with zero cartilage and offered nothing but replacement and marveled that I could walk at all. I cannot have steroid injections as I had a total body reaction to one in my shoulder before my son's wedding in June.

So, when I saw Billy's "Double Knee" Facebook post, I really felt like a wimp. I gave him an atta boy, but, I'm still not going to do anything drastic now. I cannot fathom 2 at once.


Olivia, my sympathies to you. Sounds like it is time to find a really good Orthopedist, one that is fellowship trained in joint replacement. Been there, done that, have the scars to show for it. I can remember the exact moment when I lost the last little bit of cartilage in my right knee. We were at Disney World, getting ready to go to Canaveral for a cruise and I went back to the room where we had luggage stored. I pivoted and felt the last little bit go. Man, I went to the floor in pain and did the cruise without heavy duty medication. Didn't even think to ask the Ship's doctor for help. That was the last time I traveled without enhanced analgesics and I have usually needed them at some point.

Growing old is a *&%$#!


Yikes. All the best BIlly. They can do some great things with knees these days.


I don't know why I'm feeling poetic today, but here you go:

Hope that knee mends,

No deep-knee bends

Ice for swelling

Lots of get-welling

oh WAIT, this is an old thread. So now I can join(t) the party. Got a sore hip that won't quit. The only cure is (eventual) full replacement. Who the heck can afford the massive health insurance deductible? I'd hate to sell a guitar.


So, are you taller?


My friends mom had both knees done at once.....she was 83 at the time.Her bedroom was on the second floor of her house,so he and his brother moved it down on the first floor.A week after she was home from the surgery he goes to check on her and he hears the vacuum running upstairs.He went upstairs and said "WTF,ma"? Well,she says,how else am I gonna clean up here?Tough old broad didnt miss a beat,got around,including driving,as if she never had the surgery.Even refused to take the pain meds they gave her.


Handsome, Mr Zoom. Here’s to courage and perseverance through an easy (as possible) recovery. Take care of yourself!

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