Billy Zoom's Jet Set

NAMM Knee.


Ouch... fast recovery Billy!


Damn,I mean NAMM ! Get better soon,sorry to hear about it.


Hope it gets better soon BZ.

My knee snapped last June. Just walking through a nice French village. The inside of my knee just said SNAP! No tripping or nothing. It slowly got less painfull but it keeps me awake at night and I can't fully stretch my leg, thus standing croocked.


Billy, Well, so sorry about the knee. I was so happy to see you and to get to spend just a bit of time talking with you. Photos will come soon.


Here's to a a speedy recovery Billy, get your NAMM Knee well soon, so that guitar stance can live on.


We used to do all four days and then some. The first night was pretty bad but by the end we'd adapted. I remember one year though walking around with an inflamed knew because of a torn ligament. I feel for ya. Hope you mend quick

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