Billy Zoom's Jet Set

My 6122-59:


Is by far the best guitar I have ever played! However...I HATE the Grover Imperial tuners that is comes with, and because of the weird-ass hole spacing, they can't be replaced with normal tuners! I wish Joe would address the issue!


What part do you hate? The buttons or the whole package?

I believe all the grover buttons are interchangeable. One could always switch out the art deco stairs and put some kidney beans on there.


Just a suggestion but could you use Gibson Firebird style banjo tuners?


Pictures of the guitar being hard to tune? Or maybe pics of me tying the plain strings in knots around the tuners because they slip like crazy on the fat posts? Or maybe a photo of the D strings being to short to wrap around the fat post?


What the heck brand of strings are you using BZ?

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

Worlds twangiest strings!


Worlds twangiest strings!

– Billy Zoom

Yep. I use those. They sound great.


I had to mix & match parts from three sets of Grovers:


This is a HUGE improvement! It's so much easier to tune the guitar now, and changing strings is a breeze!


Looks great but I'm sure functionality is key.



Imperials, Rotomatics, & Locking Rotomatics. BTW, locking Rotomatics are much better than regular Rotomatics....they aren't just Rotomatics with a lock knob, it's a different tuner.

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