Billy Zoom's Jet Set

Mixed feelings


I just checked into my hotel room in Austin. There's a mural-size photo of a Silver Jet over my bed...but it has Filtertrons.
One more show and I get to go home for a few minutes. BZ


Sharpie that thing, artistic license and rock and rollers being what they are.


You should ask for an upgrade.


I can just imagine the desk clerk's response when you complain and ask for a room with Dynas...

Wishing you a great show!


NoiseLab: One of the BEST POSTS EVER!


Sharpie that thing, artistic license and rock and rollers being what they are.

– piratesrule



you should be alright as long as this isn't hanging in your closet



At least it wasn't a PRS or Deusenburg.


i'll be at the 4 seasons for 4 nights starting starting 4/22, but now I want your room


Sign the pickguard

– Kevin Frye

Excellent suggestion! Confuse the folks.


I just decided I have mixed feelings, too.

I just comprehended, that this past week ... had the MotoGP attached to it...maybe, I am a year or two seems be a different spring week each year.

I coulda "et" and listened and 2stepped for 3 days...then watched motorcycle racing all day Sunday. Does that top The Masters on TV?

We did cancel our New Orleans trip...just f%&k me..

But, in any case, if I could dissolve my commitment to my In-Laws, plan ahead more than a week, convince myself the Family won't disintegrate during my absence, etc., I would have been in Austin.

I like Austin.

My Godchild lives in Austin.

I like Brisket.

I like Music. (The Godchild is into Korean K-Pop...Lord Save Me if I ever visit)

And, My old HS classmate runs the Austin School of Music, and all that Rock n Roll Camp stuff!

Oh, Well, I am earning infinite brownie points going forward...

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