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Melita bridge rattle


Hi I recently got a new gretsch round up with a melita bridge and the guitar looks and feels great, however even after a good setup the bridge rattles like crazy on open and fretted strings. It makes it pretty unplayable. Ive always wanted to have a gretsch with a melita and I wanna try and keep it on there to fit the look of the guitar and also because of billy zoom but is there anyway to fix this issue without getting a new bridge.


I'm not Billy, but usually when a Melita or Gretsch Synchrosonic bridge rattles, it's due to the metal saddle guides not being adjusted correctly, so they rattle in the string channel against the bottom or side of the adjustment screw pillar, or against the actual saddle insert itself.

These are the little "Z-shaped" pieces that hold the saddle inserts. The trick is to make absolutely sure that each bent dog-leg (top and bottom) is absolutely 90 degrees perpendicular to the longer center section. Please refer to the diagram below, it's probably more helpful than my description:


Absolutely right. That illustration is the gold standard for solving Melita rattle.


Yep, that’s all it is. Just gently bend them into place and problem solved.


Like most modern goods, the manufacturing is a little sloppy. Bend the thingies....if the radius is off, file the groves a little deeper as needed. Get the flat screws before you do anything else. No guitar comes from the factory ready to play.


Hello, Henri, welcome to the Gretsch Discussion Pages (The GDP)! Congratulations on your new guitar, do you have any pictures of it? We'd love to see it, we like that sort of thing around here.

I hope the guys were able to help you out with the rattling Melitta Bridge, I despise rattles of any sort coming out of my guitars. While they seldom come through on the amplifier, they still irratate the be jeebies out of me. Hopefully, you will be able to sort it out and get happy with your new guitar.

Stick around, we're glad you found us, and we'd like get to know you. We 'talk' about everything including our favorite guitars. It's the neatest guitar oriented forum I've ever been a part of.


Bending now will see if it solves the problem thanks everyone

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